KitsAndParts.Com W3NQN Filter Kit 24 Toroids

$44 includes the following toroids:

2 ea T106-0
2 ea T130-0
4 ea T130-6
16 ea T130-17

Transmit Band-Pass Filter LINKS "A 6 band remote switched W3NQN style transmitting BPF by 5B4AGN" Sets of 9 PCBs may be available for this project. "100 W - Bandpassfilter nach W3NQN" by DL2NBU (pdf 706.7 KB) [German/Deutsch] "Clean Up Your Signals with Band-Pass Filters" by W3NQN (pdf 218.9 KB KB) "Receiver Band-Pass Filters Having Maximum Attenuation in Adjacent Bands" by W3NQN (pdf 342.8 KB)