Welcome to the Potluck Circuits Repository

Q. What is the Potluck Circuits Repository?
A. It is an Electronic Circuits Database

Q. What can I do here?
A. You can search the database for electronic ciruits which include descriptions and schematics.

Q. Can I also add circuits to the database to share with others?
A. Yes. Everyone is encouraged to upload their schematics and descriptive text.

Q. Is this like a WIKI database?
A. Not quite. It is limited. This web-site uses the KISS principle.

Q. Can someone upload inappropriate material?
A. Yes. That is a potential problem but we log the IP address of every participant and review content.

Q. Why was the Potluck Circuits Repository down for so long?
A. I converted the database from ACCESS/ASP to PHP/SQLite; Time & Priorities

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