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Universal HF Receiver

Documentation is a work in progress.
We expect the Receiver Kit to be available the end of March 2018

This document describes the building of a Universal HF Receiver

Last Updated Mon, 19 Feb 2018 08:29:12 -0500
Always check the Addendum Section for updates

Build this Universal Receiver for $TBD
  • Dual conversion design with great selectivity
  • Very low noise measured at -137 dBm MDS
  • The PCB size is only 1.2" (30,5 mm) by 3.8" (96,5 mm)
  • Documentation on Radio Frequency Bands (0-30 MHz)


Full Size Schematic


Receiver Prototype

Building Instructions:


1. Be careful when you inventory the parts; they are small and easy to lose.

Parts List         

    Do not mix up the red 1N4148 signal diodes with the red 1N5240B zener diode.
    If you are missing any parts, contact me immediately.  I will ship the parts the same day.
    If you find extra parts in the kit, check the Addendum else throw them in your junk box.

    This kit includes all parts to create a fully functioning HF receiver.
    Included parts are: 1 phone jack, a bnc jack, volume and tune controls and magnet wire.
    Install the parts in the order per this document to prevent mechanical installation problems later.

    Each Receiver is provided with a Serial Number, which is attached to the bag holding the PCB and magnet wire
    Attach the label to the rear of your Receiver enclosure or wherever suitable
    The Serial Number may later be used for version tracking.

    This kit requires the following items to complete the kit:
    No. 22 or 24 gauge hook-up wire to connect the PCB to the controls and enclosure.
    Rosin Solder 60/40 (OK) or 63/37 (Best) and a fine tip solder pencil.
    Tool for adjusting trimmer capacitors - suggest search for GC-8608
    optional freq counter - search ebay 261731946045
        Manual for the Frequency Counter
    optional power on/off switch.


Variable capacitor settings:

Maximum CapacitanceMidway CapacitanceMinimum Capacitance

If you need an alignment tool for the trimmers, look up "GC 8608" - available at and

Addendum Section:

May 10 2017 2359 - nothing yet

End of Addendum Section:   top