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  Email if interested in a full reel.
  Resistors are $10 each reel
  Capacitors are $20 each reel

Value-Description    Quantity

33n 50V X7R 12065C333KATMA     6 x 4K

47n 12065C473KATMA X7R 50V 10%    2 x 4K

100n 20% Z5U 50 VDC 12065E104MATMA     10 x 4K

470n 25V 10% C1206C474K3RAC    3 x 3K
470n 16V 10% VJ1206Y474KXJT    3 x 3K
470n 50V 20% VJ1206U474MXAAT    3K

2u2 16V C3216Y5V1C225ZT    4K
2u2 16V 1206YG225ZAT2A    4K

100 Ohms 5% CRCW1206-101JRT1     20 x 5K

150 Ohm 1% 0.25W 1206 NRC12F1500TR     8 x 5K

499 Ohms 1% Dale CRCW1206     16 x 5K

1K Ohm 5% VISHAY DALE CRCW1206-102JRT1     30 x 5K

2K Ohm 5% VISHAY/DALE  CRCW1206-202JRT     15 x 5K

4.7K Ohm, 200V CRCW1206-472JRT     7 x 5K

10K Ohm 5% VISHAY DALE CRCW1206103JRT1     10 x 5K

21K Ohm, 200V, 1 % CRCW1206-2102FR     10 x 5K

35.7K Ohm 0.125 W, 1 %, 100 ppm CRCW1206-3572FR     9 x 5K

1.0 Mohms 1% CRCW1206-1004FR     15 x 5K

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