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Ordering Information, Shipping,
Returns and Privacy policy

How to place an order:
   Click on * Place Order * in the Menu on the left of this screen.
   Enter your Country in the select box on the top of the
   order form. If your country is USA, then select your Zip
   code shipping zone. Next, enter the quantities of the
   parts you wish to purchase. Notice that the order page is
   updated every time you enter a quantity, including weight
   totals in grams. You may preview your order at any time
   by clicking on REVIEW ORDER at the top or bottom of the
   order page. When you are finished with the parts selection,
   click REVIEW ORDER.

   If you are ordering by mail, print 2 copies of the
   REVIEW ORDER web page and mail one copy along with a
   check made payable to: MIKE MAIORANA
   Mailing address is printed on the REVIEW ORDER page

   Mail Orders must include a valid email or phone #.
   Orders without email or phone # will be refunded & discarded.

How to pay for an order:
   Make checks payable to: MIKE MAIORANA

Shipping information:
   We ship worldwide using US Post Office Air Mail only.
   Contact us for FEDEX exceptions only.
   All shipping costs are included on the PREVIEW ORDER page.
   Shipping times may be as great as 30 days for Int`l Orders,
   usually due to Customs Inspection delays.
   If using PAYPAL, we only ship to the address of record.

   We ship US Postal Service Only, 1st class up to 13 oz
   and FLAT RATE priority or 13 oz for USA orders.
   First Class Int'L up to 4 pounds weight
   Priority Flat Rate Int'L, 4 pounds and over up to 20 pounds.

Current Postal Rates Table

   International Orders weighing over 4 pounds but less than
   20 pounds will ship in a FLAT RATE package.
   USA Orders over 3 pounds will use the same FLAT RATE boxes
   There are two (2) FLAT RATE package sizes:
11-7/8" x 3-3/8" x 13-5/8"
   This package is ideal for sheets of large toroids like T130-2.

11" X 8.5" X 5.5"
   This package is ideal for large quantities of loose toroids.

   Shipping costs will be the same for 4 pounds up to 19.9 pounds.
   for International Orders.
   USA can handle up to 70 pounds for a FLAT RATE cost.

   For USA orders, tracking is provided.
   For International Orders, using FLAT RATE packages,
   4 pounds up to 20 pounds, full tracking is included.
   For International Orders, NOT using FLAT RATE packages,
   less than 4 pounds, limited USA tracking only is included.

Insurance and Losses:
   KitAndPartsDotCom will not be responsible for lost packages.
   KitAndPartsDotCom will not refund shipping charges.
   and we will no longer provide Insurance, including the US.
   We ship via USPS First Class or Priority mail ONLY and have
   no control of the packages after delivery to the Post Office.
   We can only provide proof of shipping via a Post Office receipt.
   Note that we have had claims of lost packages to ...
   Arkansas, Brazil, Italy, Indonesia and Malta.
   We will not ship to China, Russia, India, Turkey and Argentina.

   All kits and parts may be returned for credit within 7 days,
   provided the kits and parts are in their original condition.
   No credit for shipping costs.

Shipping Errors:
   Any shipping errors on our part will be corrected immediately.
   We will reship the correct items or issue a refund at our option.

   Any information retained is for internal use only.
   We do not sell your private information.
   We do not store credit card numbers on our servers.

*** IMPORTANT: ***
   You should receive an order acknowledgement within 24 hours.
   Check your SPAM folder for acknowledgements.
   We have no control if your email provider blocks
   If no ACKs are received, contact us with a different email address.

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