International Mail Service SuspensionsUniversal Low Pass Filter Kit Ver.1.5Universal Low Pass Filter Kit Ver.1.5Universal Low Pass Filter Kit Ver.1.5
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Build a 7-pole Universal Low Pass Filter for HF
using the below pictured PCB

The PCB can handle toroid inductor sizes up to T80-xx
This is not a kit but only a PCB.
You decide which additional components you need for your filter(s).
Below is several links to some good reading and recommended component values for specific filter types.

Introduction to LPFs by Paul Hardin, NA5N

2nd-Harmonic-Optimized LPFs by By Ed Wetherhold, W3NQN

7 Element Chebyshev standard value capacitor LPFs

Additional reading and component calculators...

A Filter Calculator

A Butterworth Lowpass Calculator
A Chebyshev Lowpass Calculator

Another Butterworth Lowpass Calculator
Another Chebyshev Lowpass Calculator

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